Apollo Global hired 350 people last year. “It’s a super nice, low-ego place now”

Apollo Global hired 350 people last year. "It's a super nice, low-ego place now"

Discover the transformation of Apollo Global into a sought-after workplace, with insights from the firm’s CFO and CEO.

In a world where the allure of fast-growing, high-paying workplaces often overshadows considerations of company culture, Apollo Global emerges as a beacon of change. The firm’s recent hiring spree, coupled with insights shared during its investor call, sheds light on its remarkable transformation into an appealing employer.

Shifting Dynamics: Apollo’s Hiring Surge

Apollo’s Chief Financial Officer, Martin Kelly, revealed during the investor call that the firm welcomed 350 new hires in the past year alone. This surge in recruitment reflects a substantial increase of nearly 9% in its workforce. Kelly highlighted the distribution of these hires, noting that “half the net new hires [were] located in North America and Europe and the other half in Mumbai.”

Targeted Expansion Strategy

Looking ahead to 2024, Kelly emphasized Apollo’s intention to pursue “very targeted” hiring initiatives. While Mumbai remains a focal point, the firm is strategically expanding its operations globally. Apollo aims to scale origination, enhance high net worth coverage, and explore new products and product creation avenues.

Reflecting on Remarkable Growth

CEO Marc Rowan underscored Apollo’s phenomenal growth trajectory since 2008, citing a “14x” increase. Rowan’s comparison to tech giants like Apple and Microsoft underscores the firm’s extraordinary expansion. His enthusiasm reflects Apollo’s commitment to innovation and growth.

Cultivating a Unique Workplace Culture

Beyond numbers and financial achievements, Apollo Global stands out for its reformed workplace culture. Described as “a super nice, low-ego place now,” the firm offers an environment conducive to professional growth and collaboration. This shift in culture makes Apollo an attractive option for professionals seeking a modest yet rewarding career path.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

As Apollo expands its global footprint, it remains committed to fostering diversity and inclusion within its workforce. By hiring talent from diverse backgrounds and geographies, the firm enriches its perspectives and enhances innovation.

Navigating the Future

With its sights set on strategic growth and a reinvigorated company culture, Apollo Global navigates the future with confidence. By prioritizing targeted expansion and nurturing a supportive workplace environment, the firm continues to redefine success in the financial industry.

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