LeanBliss Reviews: Is It Worth? Service Now

LeanBliss Reviews


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  • Helps Optimize Insulin Sensitivity
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  • Supports Overall Health
  • Blood Sugaar Regulation
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  • FDA-approved Facility
  • No Side Effects

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Yes, it is possible to import photos from Active Directory (AD) into ServiceNow even when the glide.attachment.extensions system property is populated. Here are the steps to do it:

1. Ensure that the Active Directory server is configured to store photos and that the photos are stored in the ‘thumbnailPhoto’ attribute.

2. In ServiceNow, navigate to System Properties > All Properties.

3. Look for the property with the name ‘glide.attachment.extensions’. This property contains a comma-separated list of file extensions that ServiceNow will accept as attachments.

4. If ‘jpeg’ or ‘jpg’ (the typical file types for photos) are not in the list, add them. Make sure to separate each file type with a comma.

5. Save the changes.

6. Set up an LDAP server in ServiceNow (if not already done) by navigating to System LDAP > LDAP Servers. Fill in the necessary details such as the server name, port, and credentials.

7. In the ‘Transform Maps’ related list, create a new transform map or modify an existing one.

8. In the ‘Field Maps’ related list of the transform map, create a new field map. Set the ‘Source field’ to ‘thumbnailPhoto’ and the ‘Target field’ to ‘photo’.

9. Run the LDAP import by navigating to System LDAP > LDAP Servers, selecting the appropriate server, and clicking ‘Execute Now’.

10. After the import is complete, the photos should be visible in the user records in ServiceNow.


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