Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield’s Family Shocked at Proposal Plans in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield's Family Shocked

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield are no strangers to the complexities of polygamous relationships. In a riveting episode of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife, the couple unveils their plans for adding another potential sister wife to their family, leaving Dannielle’s family astonished. The exclusive sneak peek on hints at a proposal that could shake things up once again.

Garrick’s Swift Move:

Diving into Uncharted Waters

Garrick surprises everyone with his swift decision to explore a connection with Nathalia, a woman from Brazil. Despite the fallout from his previous attempt, Garrick hints at a potential proposal, raising eyebrows and concerns within Dannielle’s family.

Family’s Reservations:

A Cautionary Tale

Dannielle’s family, having witnessed the aftermath of Garrick’s previous endeavor, expresses understandable reservations. Samantha, Dannielle’s sister-in-law, voices concerns about the speed at which Garrick is moving and urges caution, emphasizing the importance of getting to know Nathalia before any proposal.

Mexico-bound for Love:

The Unconventional Journey

Garrick and Dannielle plan an unconventional trip to Mexico to meet Nathalia in person. The family grapples with the idea of Garrick making a ring for Nathalia without even meeting her, adding another layer of complexity to this unique love story.

Samantha’s Candid Thoughts:

A Sister-in-Law’s Perspective

Samantha, expressing disbelief, questions the wisdom of proposing to someone without meeting them first. Her candid thoughts showcase the family’s concerns, creating tension and anticipation for what might unfold in this latest Seeking Sister Wife episode.

The Ring Dilemma:

Love at First Sight?

Dannielle reveals that while a proposal is not guaranteed, Garrick has already crafted a ring for Nathalia. Samantha’s astonishment at the gesture adds a layer of intrigue, with the family grappling to comprehend Garrick’s seemingly impulsive decisions.

Meeting the Unknown:

A Leap of Faith

Dannielle emphasizes the uncertainty surrounding the potential proposal but hints at Garrick’s readiness. Samantha, still trying to wrap her head around the situation, provides a glimpse into the family’s apprehensions.

Navigating the Past:

Learning from Mistakes

The family reflects on Garrick’s past mistakes, hoping for a different outcome this time. Samantha urges the couple to approach this potential relationship with more caution and foresight, highlighting the need to avoid repeating past errors.

Samantha’s Final Thoughts:

A Dash of Concern

As the sneak peek concludes, Samantha reiterates her concern, labeling Garrick’s pace as “crazy” and hinting at his propensity for impulsive decisions. The family drama unfolds, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.


In this exclusive sneak peek, Seeking Sister Wife enthusiasts are treated to a rollercoaster of emotions as Garrick Merrifield navigates the delicate path of adding a potential sister wife to his family. The drama, reservations, and unexpected twists promise an episode filled with suspense and intrigue.


1. Can Garrick and Dannielle’s relationship handle another sister wife? Absolutely! Despite past challenges, the couple remains determined to explore polygamous relationships and expand their family.

2. Who is Nathalia, and why is she significant? Nathalia is a woman from Brazil whom Garrick has shown interest in. Her role in the potential sister-wife dynamic adds an exciting twist to the Seeking Sister Wife storyline.

3. Why is Samantha concerned about Garrick’s pace? Samantha’s concern stems from Garrick’s previous mistakes, prompting her to advise caution and a more thoughtful approach to this potential relationship.

4. Is a proposal guaranteed for Nathalia? While not guaranteed, Garrick has taken a bold step by crafting a ring for Nathalia, leaving the possibility of a proposal lingering in the air.

5. What lessons have Garrick and Dannielle learned from past mistakes? The couple acknowledges past errors and is determined to approach this potential relationship with more caution, hoping for a positive outcome.

6. How does the family feel about Garrick’s impulsive decisions? Samantha expresses disbelief and concern, labeling Garrick’s pace as “crazy.” The family, having witnessed past impulsive decisions, is cautious about the unfolding situation.

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